Living History was founded in 2002 to provide education and training in history and preservation to inner-city high school students. The initial program was the 14th Rhode Island Civil War re-enactor unit, which continues today (see below).

In 2008 Living History began to offer hands-on history courses and practical training in historic preservation. These courses were combined with internships and post secondary educational opportunities for participating students. More than 400 young people have participated in our programs to date.

President – Rob Goldman
Rob has been working with youth since 1970. He was a founding member of ShortStop Shelter for teens in 1981. In 1993 he became treasurer and development officer for the 54th Massachusetts Glory Brigade. Moving to Providence in 2001, he established Living History’s 14th Rhode Island Program.

Vice President – Astrid Meijer
Astrid is the Cultural Competency Coordinator, Pawtucket Prevention Coalition. Formerly Advisor, MET Peace Street School.

Treasurer – Shomari Husband
Finance Analyst, Schneider Electric. Formerly Coordinator for Educational Opportunity, Community College of Rhode Island

John McNiff
Ranger, National Park Service, Roger Williams National Memorial.

Jane Kratsch
Assistant Manager, Coastway Bank.

Daniel Brown
Director Africa In the New World Program and Associate Professor of German, Tufts University. Secretary National Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club.


We need your help and support to keep engaging high school students in history education.

All Living History’s activities are funded by grant and individual donations. The success of our efforts depends on the generosity of people like you.

All contributions are tax deductible. Please see the donations section of this site. Donations can be made on-line with a debit or credit card. Checks should be written to Living History and mailed to 20 Moore Street, Providence, RI, 02907.


Rhode Island Council for the Humanities 2009 Tom Roberts Prize for Creative Achievement in the Humanities awarded to the 14th Rhode Island Reenactor Program “for its creativity in promoting Rhode Island history and culture, in engaging youth, and in advancing the message of civic engagement.”
Winner of the 2014 Rhode Island National History Day Performance Competition.


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