History of Sports— Students find out how sports have changed from the ancient Greek Olympians to today’s money-soaked pros. They connect to sports careers.


Introduction to Historic Preservation— Students get in on the ground floor of an exciting career. Historic Preservation is hot in Providence. They learn about the architecture of their own neighborhoods, create plans to fix an historic house, and work in an historic restoration wood shop.




nathisNational History Day Performance— Students write and star in their own history play and learn acting and stagecraft basics. The play is performed at the annual National History Day competition at Providence College. Living History were state champs in 2014 and 15.





History of Music— Students explore what music means to them, how music has shaped our world, and connect to professionals in the music business.






Military History— This is the place to start for students looking at careers in the military. In 2015 participants learned about the origins, politics, and technology of the American Revolution, War of 1812, and Mexican War.






History of Food— Food is survival. Food is politics. Food is you. Students experience the hunter/gatherer life of Native Americans, prepare a Roman feast, trade spices like Marco Polo. They learn how we got from caveman to fast food, grow their own garden herbs, and meet professionals in nutrition and sustainable agriculture.





History of Fashion—This course is for students who are into clothes and fashion. They learn basic sewing, weaving, knitting, and dyeing techniques. They find out how clothing design has changed over time and explore the history of textiles in Rhode Island while meeting professionals in costuming and textile science.